About Us

We are a group of fun-loving team-building experts based out of sunny Singapore. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting physical events worldwide, we’ve shifted online as well as expanded our services to a global audience. In the past year, we’ve conducted over 800 global virtual events for a variety of government agencies & multi-national corporations based all around the world.


Despite huge changes in the past year, our vision of conducting the perfect team-building event has not changed. We want to help you hold an event that’s fun, enjoyable, and engaging for all participants, as well as to meet the objectives you’ve set out for your team. For us to do this while navigating in this new normal, we’ve spent countless hours learning, experimenting, researching to come up with the perfect activities for you and your team. What are you waiting for? Come join us on this exciting journey!  

Our Team

Our team is functionally segmented into two areas of expertise – namely the planning and execution departments. Our experts in both areas work hand-in-hand to deliver PulseActiv’s commitment of building up, inculcating and reinforcing the crucial elements of team building for each and every one of our clients.

Our event trainers & facilitators are extremely passionate and are committed to making a difference in your next activity with us! Armed with many years of experience, our skilled trainers and facilitators are committed to providing all participants with a sensational event experience!

Watch Us In Action

Hall Of Fame

Some of our top-performing clients! What are you waiting for? Get your team into our Hall of Fame! 

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