Poles & Ladders

Activity Objectives

Perform Under Pressure

Promote Leadership

Foster Teamwork

In Poles & Ladders, our very own rendition of one of the most popular childhood games of all time, luck will only get you so far.

Roll the dice, pray and then get ready for battle as you navigate through the 100 squares filled with a huge variety of exciting & fun challenges that will await your team. For the lucky ones, the journey up might be short and sharp but if you are part of the less fortunate group, you might find yourself constantly sliding down poles. 

Your teamwork, communication, strategic thinking and time management skills will be put to the test in this exciting but intense game. Think you and your team has got what it takes to reach the top first?

Group Size: We are able to accommodate up to 500 pax, with your group playing against each other in smaller teams of 7-8 pax.

Event Flow: 90 Minute Total Time
– 15 Minutes Welcome and Introduction
– 60 Minutes Game Time
– 15 Minutes Closing and Photo Taking


10-49 pax

$ 32 /pax
  • Each activity comes with:
  • Customized Event Invite
  • Expert Facilitators (1 Per Team)
  • Zoom/MS Teams/Google Meet Link

50-99 pax

$ 28 /pax
  • Each activity comes with:
  • Customized Event Invite
  • Expert Facilitators (1 Per Team)
  • Zoom/MS Teams/ Google Meet Link

100 pax & up

$ 25 /pax
  • Each activity comes with:
  • Customized Event Invite
  • Expert Facilitators (1 Per Team)
  • Zoom/MS Teams/Google Meet Link

Top-Up Only $4/pax For A Customized Event

For an additional $4/pax you can expect a more bespoke experience with our consultants assisting you in creating a perfect event for your team or company. Our consultants will work closely together with you to plan, personalize and manage your event from end-to-end to ensure that your objectives are achieved and you and your team, satisfied.

How It Works

Thanks to the many available online video conferencing platforms, take part in Team Poles & Ladders wherever in the world you may be.

Step 1

Upon confirmation of your booking, a video conferencing link along with a custom invite of the event details and instructions will be sent to you. Once you and your group have logged onto the call, you will then be briefed by our remote Event Facilitator and broken up into your respective team. Once broken up into teams, the games for Poles & Ladders will begin. 

Step 2

Once the teams have logged into the game, they will be given 1 hour to complete all challenges. Team members will work with one another to complete their challenges as fast as possible to emerge champions. Once all teams have completed the challenge, the winners will be announced and there will also be a photo-taking session to wrap up the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to accommodate up to 500 pax. For events exceeding 500 pax, please reach out to us via email or by filling in the “Customize” form..

There will be experienced event facilitators dialling in remotely to guide you and your team along. There will usually be a facilitator for every 7-8 pax.

Players are encouraged to log into the Conferencing Platform via a laptop or tablet. Mobile phones may be used if the former devices are unavailable, however, it may impact the activity experience.

The optimal team size is 7-8. We generally encourage no more than 8 pax per team so that everyone will have more chances to collaborate and this will also help to facilitate more communication between team members.  

Poles & Ladders

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